Les Alchimistes

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Suggestions on the slate

Cream of Watercress Spinach, Whipped Cream, Golden Croutons

10 €

Terrine of Foie Gras, Fruit Chutney

19 €

Saint-Jacques Salad with Citrus

15 €

Bunch of Green Asparagus Fried, Morel Sauce

11 €


Main Courses

Suggestions on the slate

Burger of the Butcher, according to our way

18 €

Roast Cod Fillet, Diced Celery Almonds and Raisins

28 €

The Classic Roasted Chateaubriand Tapenade Marjoram, new Potatoes


Fillet of Sea Bream, fresh spinach and Carrot Puree Turmeric

25 €

Poultry Farm, Juice Sliced, Potatoes Puree

24 €



10 €


Sugar Pleasure

Suggestions on the slate

At the middle cooked in the Chocolate, Salted butter caramel

 10 €

Clementines Fried Sage and Lemon Sorbet

 10 €

Vanilla Thousand leaves, Pear Compote

 14 €

Tiramisu in a Glass

11 €

Net prices Service included TVA 19,6%